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Are there any tools that can help us migrate an Android app to WP7? We have built an iPhone app and now we are looking to build an android app but wanted to get the some ideas from the SO community to see if it is possible and are there any tools to do this sort of a thing.

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You certainly can't run the same native app on Android and Windows Phone 7.

Probably the closest you can come in terms of having the same source code is to write everything except the UI logic in C#, and then use MonoDroid to build a UI in C#... but MonoDroid hasn't been released yet (AFAIK). If you want to, you could use the same approach for future versions of your iPhone app using MonoTouch.

An alternative would be to write the non-UI code in Java to start with, and then port to C# - that's likely to be reasonably straightforward.

The UI code is likely to be pretty different for each platform whatever you do, to be honest - each of them has their own way of doing things, and it's probably more important to be consistent with the platform you're running on than consistent with your app on other platforms.

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I've been attempting to do a WP7 app using the MVP pattern (aviadezra.blogspot.com/2009/08/…) and theoretically this should allow you to write your Model (data classes & biz logic), and Presenter (non-UI specific presentation logic) tiers separate from your View (UI) implementation tier. Combine with MonoDroid and you should be able to reuse the M and P tiers and only re-implement the V for each target OS. I'll post an example write-up whenever I get an app working with both WP7 and WM6. –  ZaijiaN Feb 28 '11 at 21:45

Hey check this out from MSDN. This video talks about migrating an Android app to WP7. HTH

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What kind of app? For games take a look at ExEn.

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It is not a gaming app –  Srikar Doddi Feb 27 '11 at 0:49

I'm about to have a similar problem - how to build, update and maintain an app linked to a new hardware device - where the app needs to be supported on WP7, IOS and Android (As well as supporting PC/MAC desktop - but this will be Flex/Air) - current proposed approach is a C Core library, then native Apps for the UIs - but this is scaring me a bit as it seems pretty old school. The other option is nothing in common apart from the algorithms, and just build 3 native apps

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Abstract your core application logic to the cloud (web services, etc) and use that as the interface for all your native mobile apps. Keep all your platform-specific code within it's respective native app.

If you're so inclined, figure out some way to generate the client contracts / structures based on the serverside interface

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