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For some reason I can't append text to data I get from a tcpclient stream I have.

Dim Client As New TcpClient("server", port)
Dim stream As NetworkStream = Client.GetStream()
Dim receiveBytes As [Byte]() = New [Byte](Client.ReceiveBufferSize) {}
Dim returnData As [String] = [String].Empty
stream.Read(receiveBytes, 0, CInt(Client.ReceiveBufferSize))
returnData = Encoding.ASCII.GetString(receiveBytes)
MsgBox(returnData + "hello")

The message box will only contain the returnData string without the hello.

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It's because you're ignoring the return value of Stream.Read. You won't always receive a full buffer at a time - and whatever else is present will be 0. That means you'll have Unicode "null" characters (0) at the end of returnData, and Windows treats those as string terminators.

Change the two lines just before the end to:

Dim bytesRead = stream.Read(receiveBytes, 0, CInt(Client.ReceiveBufferSize))
Dim returnData = Encoding.ASCII.GetString(receiveBytes, 0, bytesRead)

(That's having removed the previous declaration of returnData - there's no point in declaring a variable and giving it a dummy value when you're about to replace that value.)

(Note that this is assuming the data really is in ASCII... is it, definitely?)

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Yes I send the data myself as ASCII. Thanks for the response, worked perfectly. – Shawn Feb 26 '11 at 16:44

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