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I would like to know if the WCF version for monotouch is stable or not. Do you have any info?

Thank in advance. Regards. L.

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It's experimental, so not fully supported.

I have used it in a big application in the past though, and for the most part everything worked perfectly. You need to use the Silverlight proxy generator, but everything works ok. I found a few bugs along the way, and the MonoTouch team was just great in getting those fixed as soon as possible. This was almost a year ago, so my guess is that things are probably in a better shape now.

If you really need to so webservices (instead of simple http calls), I would suggest you give it a try, before disregarding it. You'll see that unless you need very very specific things, everything really works well.

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Thanks you very much Eduardo. Very Helpful!! –  flexaddicted Feb 27 '11 at 14:18

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