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I want to implement the Wikitude API in my iPhone Application. But while implementing this API in my application i got stuck in one point. I am having one view controller in which i am having one button on clicking on which i want to open this [wikitudeAR start] as like [self.view addSubview:[wikitudeAR start]];

But it is not working properly. It is not showing the camera view ([wikitudeAR start]) which i want to show on clicking of button.

In sample application which you have provided with wikitude API is showing like [window addSubview:[wikitudeAR start]];

But i want to show the wikitudeAR view (wikitudeAR camera view) over my view and not over the main window.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi this works for me, in verificationDidSucceed add the controller to window:

    - (void) verificationDidSucceed { 
        //appDel is an AppDelegate shared instance of your application  
        [appDel.window addSubview: [wikitudeAR start]];

then you can use show/hide functions to display the controller once you have "start" the controller. You can define an IBAction, if you have already start the controller just show this;


    if (wikitudeAR == nil) {
        wikitudeAR = [[WikitudeARViewController alloc] initWithDelegate:self applicationPackage:APPPACKAGE_WIKITUDE_ applicationKey:APPKEY_WIKITUDE_ applicationName:APPNAME_WIKITUDE_ developerName:APPDEVELOPER_WIKITUDE_];   
    }else {
        [wikitudeAR show];


then call "hide" function to hide the controller.

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Yeah Mat it is working fine Thanks a lot –  Shashank Mar 1 '11 at 5:31

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