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Is it possible to match all links without href specified via CSS?


<a>Invalid link</a>

I know its possible to match all links with href but I'm just looking for the opposite.

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Note that "invalid" here doesn't mean "invalid HTML", but "invalid hyperlink", meaning it doesn't actually point anywhere. –  BoltClock May 14 '12 at 18:35

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Either use CSS3's :not():

a:not([href]) {
    /* Styles for anchors without href */

Or specify a general style for all a, and one for a[href] to override it for those with the attribute.

a {
    /* Styles for anchors with and without href */

a[href] {
    /* Styles for anchors with href, will override the above */

For the best browser support (includes ancient but not quite forgotten browsers), use the :link and :visited pseudo-classes instead of the attribute selector (combining both will match the same as a[href]):

a {} /* All anchors */
a:link, a:visited {} /* Override */

Also see this answer for an in-depth explanation of a[href] versus a:link, a:visited.

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Yep it works! thank you. Sample: jsfiddle.net/9pCr2 –  knoopx Feb 26 '11 at 18:02

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