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in my header I've got a large image. Above that image I want to place my navigation. The clue about it: The ul-Navigation-element got a gradient background. But if I hover an li-Navigation-Link I would like to display the underlying image! (Hope that's clear? Otherwise I'll do some photoshop to demonstrate) This should be flexible, meaning not to give each li-Element a specific snippet form the backgroundimage.

I would prefer a JS-solution instead of a messy markup. But I appreciate every possible idea you have on your mind. Maybe I'm just overlooking the most obvious and easy solution..

Best regards (:

Here is an image of what I tried to descripe. Hope it helps:

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example image would help, not sure I understand. I assume you mean the navigation overlays the image, and not just that the navigation is above (vertically) on the page? – Kris C Feb 26 '11 at 18:24

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There's no need for JS to do this, simply make it so that when you hover over the li-Navigation-Link, the element doesn't have a background attribute set.

This will create the 'transparency' that you want to achieve.

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Guess my description isn't good enough. It's quite difficult for me to describe it in english. I want the ul to fill the whole screen with a gradient! So the li should hide the ul-background on its position when hovering it. – d.hill Feb 26 '11 at 18:51

you can use background:transparent for a:hover. This will show the background.

(for internet explorer you could use filter:alpha(opacity=100) );

Here an example:

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What a usefull website. Thanks for that (; But how could I add that gradient you gave the li's to the rest of the bar? It should fill the whole page horizontally. In addition I need that gradient on the left of the li's too because it shouldn't be positioned at the very left. – d.hill Feb 26 '11 at 19:01
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I just solved my problem with javascript/jquery. It can be found here

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