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Lets say I have a "p" tag like this:

<div id = "example">
    <p id = "eg">This is a text example.</p>

If I later insert other elements into that div is it possible to move the paragraph tag somewhere else in the dom, and it be visible to the user where I want it. So the result should be like this:

<div id = "example">
    <p id = "eg1">Another block of text.</p>
    <p id = "eg">This is a text example.</p>
    <p id = "eg2">Yet another block of text.</p>

So not only do I want to move it around...perhaps even into another div or different area of the page, but I also would like the ability to make sure that the user sees the text exactly as I want them too...maybe moved to the bottom or something.

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If you wish to move an element from one position to another you can simply do the following:


Example on jsfiddle.

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Thank you....thats exactly what I was looking for. – mdubulous Mar 3 '11 at 2:27

You can't exactly "move" elements in jQuery (as far as I know), per se, but you can remove them and insert them somewhere else.


EDIT: This is not true. You can move DOM elements wherever you like.

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Any change you make to the DOM will be reflected on the screen. You don't have to handle that separately.

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