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Unfortunately, I’m going round and round in circles when it comes to using Sweave in Eclipse with StatET under OS X.

If I create a project Foo in the default location /Users/xxxx/Documents/workspace/Foo, and add a Sweave file (Foo.Rnw), when I try to Sweave using an R Console configured with the Working Directory as ${workspace_loc}. I get the message:

An error occurred while running 'Processing 'Foo.Rnw'' in Workspace [R Console] R2.12_64 / RJ (Feb 26, 2011 5:58:04 PM). Path must include project and resource name: /Foo.tex

If I try to Sweave the same Foo.Rnw file (kept in the same project and the same workspace) but this time using an R console configured to use an external Working Directory (i.e. not with the ${workspace_loc} but with /Users/xxxx/Documents/R_data, for example), then the file is processed and a pdf is produced. Except that all the output Foo.aux, Foo.log, Foo.pdf, Foo.tex, Foo-fig1.eps, Foo-fig1.pdf etc) appears in the external directory /Users/xxxx/Documents/R_data, which leads to a mess of files in one directory.

Any advice on the correct way to arrange this and to keep Sweave working in Eclipse (which I other wise like very much) would be welcome.

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I use ${project_loc} as working directory. However, before I start the R-console I have to select the eclipse-project that the R-console should use as working directory.

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That works... thanks. –  user441706 Feb 27 '11 at 14:27
You are welcome! –  speendo Feb 27 '11 at 23:05

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