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I'm trying to preg_replace image link, but only if it ends with .jpg, .gif, .png.



<img src="http://exampel.com/1/themes/b2/images/4/image1.jpg" alt="" width="" height="" />

Can someone help me?

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Not sure it'll fully answer your question, but you should at least be able to use this as a basis...

What about something like this :

$str = <<<TEST
here is
some text and an image http://exampel.com/1/themes/b2/images/4/image1.jpg ?
and some other http://exampel.com/1/themes/b2/images/4/image1.gif and
a link that should not be replaced : http://exampel.com/test.html !

$output = preg_replace('#(http://([^\s]*)\.(jpg|gif|png))#', 
                '<img src="$1" alt="" width="" height="" />', $str);

Which gets me, for my example, the following output :

string 'here is
some text and an image <img src="http://exampel.com/1/themes/b2/images/4/image1.jpg" alt="" width="" height="" /> ?
and some other <img src="http://exampel.com/1/themes/b2/images/4/image1.gif" alt="" width="" height="" /> and
a link that should not be replaced : http://exampel.com/test.html !' (length=301)

The two images links have been replaced, and nothing else has been touched -- in particular, not the non-image link.

The regex I used matches :

  • something that starts with http://
  • contains anything that's not a white-character (space, tabulation, newline) : [^\s]*
  • then, contains a dot : \.
  • and, finally, one of the extensions you defined as corresponding to an image : (jpg|gif|png)

Then, all that matched string is injected into an <img> tag.

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Thanks, this is perfect. :) –  Pelish8 Feb 26 '11 at 19:41
You're welcome :-) Have fun! –  Pascal MARTIN Feb 26 '11 at 21:07

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