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when i try to open an excel file i have this error message. Warning: Usage of a local non-builtin name

My excel file file contains more than 1600 rows if i try the same code and open a small excel file, it's working.

Why please?

I use JXL thank you

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You have asked this same question yesterday, and still did not supply much more information which could be useful for someone helping. –  Paŭlo Ebermann Feb 26 '11 at 23:22
Look at the formulae in your workbook: it's probable that one of them is using either a user-defined function, or a function from an external function pack. –  Mark Baker Feb 27 '11 at 11:25

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It appears to be just a warning, and not an error related to the excel file, not the parsing of the file, i'd just ignore it. Here is the code that generates that warning:

// Add all the local names to the specific sheets
913       for (Iterator it = localNames.iterator() ; it.hasNext() ;)
914       {
915         NameRecord nr  = (NameRecord) it.next();
917         if (nr.getBuiltInName() == null)
918         {
919           logger.warn("Usage of a local non-builtin name");
920         } 
921         else if (nr.getBuiltInName() == BuiltInName.PRINT_AREA || 
922                  nr.getBuiltInName() == BuiltInName.PRINT_TITLES)
923         {
924           // appears to use the internal tab number rather than the
925           // external sheet index
926           SheetImpl s = (SheetImpl) sheets.get(nr.getSheetRef() - 1);
927           s.addLocalName(nr);
928         }
929       }
930     }
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WorkbookSettings wbSettings = new WorkbookSettings(); wbSettings.setSuppressWarnings(true);

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It is likely a problem in your large Excel file. Go to Menu Formulas and click on Name Manager. You very likely see a Name that has a bad value (#REF!).

If the excel file generation is in your control, you can fix it. Else, i suggest you just ignore it.

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