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I have 4 nested classes, see example:

class GameInfo:
    id = ""
    round = ""
    # ... etc

class Opponent:
    game_info = GameInfo()
    name = ""
    # ...

class Tournament:
    opponent_list = [] # list of Opponent objects
    # ...

class Journal(db.Model):
    picked_tournament = db.BlobProperty()  # here I put picked Tournament object

the problem is: when I unpickle pickled_tournament in Journal all data from GameInfo is lost. I.e. shows correct value, but shows empty string.

I use Google App Engine datastore to store data and picked_tournament is stored in BlobProperty(). To serialize data I invoke: journal.picked_tournament = pickle.dumps(tournament). To load data I use: tournament = pickle.loads(journal.picked_tournament)

Why pickle is not going deeper than 2 levels?

UPD: data is set as follows:

gi = GameInfo() = "1234"
opp = Opponent() = "John"
opp.game_info = gi
t = Tournament()
# etc...

UPD2: just discovered that everything works fine on development server if database is sqlite3, but does not work without sqlite3 and on appspot!

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you don't show us where and how you set –  systempuntoout Feb 26 '11 at 21:37
@systempuntoout is set naturally, see update –  rmflow Feb 26 '11 at 22:44
Have you tried unpickling the Tournament pickle directly without going via Journal.picked_tournament (which is a db.BlobProperty)? That might help you isolate the issue (could be a BlobProperty thing). –  aknuds1 Feb 26 '11 at 22:47

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In the constructor for your Opponent class, you instantiate a single copy of GameInfo, which is used by all the instances of that class. For example:

>>> o1 = Opponent()
>>> = 5
>>> o2 = Opponent()

Instead, you need to create one for each Opponent instance. Do this by initializing it in the constructor, like this:

class Opponent:
    def __init__(self):
        game_info = GameInfo()

Also, since it's not the 1990s, you really should be using new style classes.

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the problem is gone once I move initialization of game_info into constructor of Opponent (figured out by myself, but thank you for clearing it out in the question) –  rmflow Feb 28 '11 at 8:15

Based on App Engine documentation (I haven't tried it in practice), try setting the pickle data as a blob:

journal.picked_tournament = db.Blob(pickle.dumps(tournament))

If this doesn't work, verify that journal.picked_tournament == pickle.dumps(tournament).

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