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I am trying to show icons together with the text in a spinner. I have found some examples on how to subclass the ArrayAdapter to achieve that, for example http://android-er.blogspot.com/2010/12/custom-arrayadapter-for-spinner-with.html. It works, but I don't think the result looks very good: * The spinner does no longer line up properly with other elements in my layout. (Haven't figured out why.) * The "down-arrow" looks weird, like some kind of shadow under it. (Don't know why, but it looks like that in the example tutorials I found as well.) * The text does not look the same as in a "normal" spinner. (Because I use a standard TextView in my custom layout and I suppose the ArrayAdapter does more configuration. I guess I can tweak the TextView parameters so it will look ok)

So, is there a simple way to make an own ArrayAdapter that looks exactly like the original one except that there should be an icon to the left of the text?

I mean, it would be better if there was a way to insert my icon images into the view created by the superclass, instead of overriding getDropDownView and getView and return my own view.

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