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I'm trying to use preference screen. I'm following all steps from online tutorial (once I couldn't get it working, I found other tutorials, and steps seem to be fine). I get to preferences screen, edit values, return to calling activity (via hardware return button). In DDMS perspective FileExplorer shows package_name_preferences.xml file with preferences that should be stored. It contains:

 <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' standalone='yes' ?>
 <string name="false">kg</string>

while I expect (data line only shown).

<string name="weight">kg</string>

Also, if I go change only 1 preference, the same value changes, not a new row is created. I'm just tempted to write my own preference classes that would store data in files or DB, but I know that preferences should work, it just doesn't save properly my stuff.


Tutorials used: Main Tutorial - Was using this as a base, simplified, as I needed only 3 listPreferences so far.

Another One - Used this one back when first installed android, so referred to this one for its section on preferences

Code: (Screen loads, so I'm not showing Manifest)

public class MyPrefs extends PreferenceActivity {
   public void onCreate(Bundle bundle) {


    <PreferenceCategory android:title="Value Settings">
        <ListPreference android:title="Distance"
                        android:summary="Metric (Kilometer) vs Imperial (Imperial)"
        <ListPreference android:title="Weight"
                        android:summary="Metric (Kilogram) vs Imperial (Pound)" 

calling MyPrefs from MainScreen

Intent i = new Intent(MainScreen.this, MyPrefs.class);


<string-array name="weight">
    <item name="kg">Kilogram (kg)</item>
    <item name="lb">Pound (lb)</item>
<string-array name="weight_values">
    <item name="kg">kg</item>
    <item name="lb">lb</item>
<string-array name="distance">
    <item name="km">Kilometer (km)</item>
    <item name="mi">Mile (mi)</item>
<string-array name="distance_values">
    <item name="km">km</item>
    <item name="mi">mi</item>
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Which online tutorial are you referring to? And if your code differs from what's there, please post the relevant portions. – mikerowehl Feb 26 '11 at 22:48
Show us a code snippet.... – mixkat Feb 26 '11 at 22:52
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Your key syntax is invalid. Use:

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Wow, wouldn't even think to try that. Works like a charm. Thanks. – Vitaly Feb 27 '11 at 1:08

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