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I don't really like the way the spinner launch icon looks. Is there anyway I can swap out my own image in place of it? It does not fit my custom layout. What I did was use button to bring up in a dialog, but this requires another two clicks to show the spinner. Has anyone replaced the default spinner launch Icon with a regular image like an image button?

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"I don't really like the way the spinner launch icon looks." -- One of the main complaints about Android is that developers have no discipline, so Android apps have no UI consistency. Users expect Spinners to have a certain look, based upon their OS version (e.g., Honeycomb Spinners look different than classic Android Spinners). What you want it to look like does not matter. What your users want the Spinner to look like matters, and users say time and time again that they want consistency between apps. Please leave the Spinner alone. – CommonsWare Feb 26 '11 at 23:54
The spinner launch icon is simply not going to cut it for many requirements. If the spinner launch icon cannot be changed what other options are there. As mentioned launching from dialog, but this requires yet another click. What can be used in place. – Androider Feb 27 '11 at 3:20
If your stupid design team said that "android interface has to be same with iOS". What do you think, what can you do? – Metehan Toksoy Jul 10 at 11:32

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