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I know it's possible to create java objects and call methods from XSLT. If the method I'm calling returns a DOM document is it possible to merge that into the XML document being processed?

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Using Xalan, or something else? And when you say "merge into the XML document being processed" you mean you then want to apply-templates to it right (as opposed to just copy it into the output)? – JasonPlutext Feb 27 '11 at 2:19
The answer is "yes". – Dimitre Novatchev Feb 27 '11 at 2:48
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The way external calls from XSLT to Java behave depends entirely on the XSLT processor you are using - it's not defined in the standard. I would expect the answer is yes - the DOM document will be made visible as a node and can be processed like any other node (for exmaple, it can be copied to the result tree using xsl:copy-of) - but you can only ask the question in relation to a specific XSLT processor.

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