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The task I have iS, I have a source is the CSV which needs to be populate populated in the SQL SERVER destination. I have written a stored proc which needs around 7 parameters. This stroed procedure takes the parameters, and populates the data in 5 different tables in the target. These parameters are supposed to come from a CSV as a source. I want to do this Using SSIS and i am not sure how map the CSV Columns as the parameters to the stored procedure in SSIS

I am planing to design my package this way

Control flow task : Dataflow task, execute sql task

Dataflow task : flat file source, and SQL SERVER destination.

Am i in the right direction, if so, I want to know what kind of properties and the mappings , are to be done at the SSIS level to get this task done.

here are the parameters in the procedure.'

@customerid  varchar(50),    
@Name varchar(200), 
@abbrev varchar(50),   
@status bit,   
@startdate  datetime,   
@enddate datetime,   
@prodName varchar(100),   
@prodNumber  varchar(100),   
@website varchar(100)   

Exec registration (11,'abc company', 'abc', 'active','1/12/2004', '1/14/2010', ''01-2343-AS ','2343'www.abccompany.com')

Any help is immensely appreciated.

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Have a look at this post, it should give you pointers for what you're looking to do.

SSIS: Using rows from Flat file source and pass them as parameter values to stored procedure

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Thank you so much! –  iims Feb 28 '11 at 17:41

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