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I want to bind the xml file to the datagridview control. but i don't want to use the dataset for binding.

. I want to bind the xml file directly to the datagridview. IS it possible? If yes pls reply me with some example...


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here you go – Menahem Feb 27 '11 at 7:34

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One of the ways to accomplish this is by using Linq. First you will need to add a reference to System.XML.Linq, and then use code below:

 XDocument oDoc = XDocument.Load("File.xml");
 var myData = from info in oDoc.Descendants("item")
 select new Person
     FirstName = Convert.ToString(info.Element("FirstName").Value),
     LastName = Convert.ToString(info.Element("LastName").Value),
     Age = Convert.ToString(info.Element("Age").Value),
     IsMale = Convert.ToString(info.Element("IsMale").Value)
 oGrid = this.FindName("myDataGrid") as DataGrid;
 oGrid.ItemsSource = myData;
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