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I am new to MVC. I am going through the following tutorial.

I am on the portion where it calls for the following code

public ViewResult Edit(UserModel um) 

  if (!TryUpdateModel(um)) 
    ViewModel.updateError = "Update Failure";
    return View(um);

  // ToDo: add persistent to DB.
  return View("Details", um);

When I attempt to use ViewModel I receive an error:

"The name ViewModel does not exist in the current context."

Intellisense does not show ViewModel as an option.

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ViewModel does not exist for a mvc 3 controller. I think what you are looking to use instead is the following:

ViewBag.UpdateError = "Update Failure";

Then in your view:

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I know this is a bit late, but it may be better practice to use the following:

ModelState.AddModelError("", "Update Failure");

Then, in your view:

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