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Hey all,
just quick question about sql azure. My App is running on windows azure and the database is on sql azure. Everything is working great. However, I would like to send email to a user, as soon as he\she became a member.I don't want to Use

    - third party service
    - send email from the code.

Is there any way to send email by using a trigger and stored procedure? For example: run trigger after each updated for user table and trigger will run stored procedure. Thanks in advance . Matt

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For those who are looking to monitor CPU usage or deadlocks, now you can set up specific alerts within Azure portal. enter image description here

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I realize you stated that you do not want to use a 3rd party services, but for others that might be reading this and would be open to this. Cotega allows you to send emails directly from SQL Azure.

Full disclosure, I work on Cotega.

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As far as I know, there is no way to send an email from SQL Azure directly. You will have to use a web, worker or VM role to actually send email. In general, sending email from Azure data centers is tricky because spam filters flag Azure IP addresses as unsafe (see To avoid this problem, you must use a third party SMTP service (we use Amazon SES) or your own SMTP server. If you want to connect to your own SMTP server through a firewall, you can use Windows Azure Connect to establish a secure tunnel from Azure to your local network.

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There is some documentation on hacks you can do here:

However I think using a worker role would be more robust and maintainable.

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