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I am trying to look for specific phrase inside large text, but the phrase may contain characters like "[", "(", "*", ... like "name1 (name2", but it causes an invalid exception when looking for it. Here is my code :

Pattern myPattern = Pattern.compile( "\\b" + phrase + "\\b" );  // Exception
Matcher myMatcher = myPattern.matcher( largeText );

I have tried to use quote(...) to fix such characters but it didn't work :

phrase = Pattern.quote( phrase );

How can i fix this to allow such characters ?

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I think it's because those are word boundary characters so they get caught by \b, cutting your matches off? – BoltClock Feb 27 '11 at 9:51
Can you elaborate on why Pattern.quote did not work? It seems like the elegant solution to use here. – mmccomb Feb 27 '11 at 9:52
@BoltClock, anchors like \b match empty strings, they are only used to restrict the pattern to match in specific places, but they don't "consume" anything. – Sergey Tachenov Feb 27 '11 at 10:00
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Pattern.quote(phrase) works just fine:

String largeText = "a()b a()c a()b";
String phrase = "a()b";
Pattern myPattern = Pattern.compile( "\\b" + Pattern.quote(phrase) + "\\b" );
Matcher myMatcher = myPattern.matcher( largeText );
while(myMatcher.find()) {


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.. You are right Bart. After using quote(...) i was getting the same exception so i thought this did not fix it. But after tracing my code i found it was happening in another line after it ... Thanks to every body for their answers. – Brad Feb 27 '11 at 13:29
@Brad, you're welcome. Good to hear you traced the bug. – Bart Kiers Feb 27 '11 at 13:31

Process phrase to escape all possible regex metacharacters.

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Could you please provide a complete example that reproduces this problem? I've tried the following and it works fine:

String largeText = "large text with name1 (name2) and possibly something more";
String phrase = "name1 (name2";
phrase = Pattern.quote( phrase );
Pattern myPattern = Pattern.compile( "\\b" + phrase + "\\b" );  // Exception
System.out.println("The pattern is " + myPattern.pattern());
Matcher myMatcher = myPattern.matcher( largeText );
if (myMatcher.find()) {
  System.out.println("A match is found: " +;

The output is:

The pattern is \b\Qname1 (name2\E\b
A match is found: name1 (name2
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You may want to just use:

int offset = largeText.indexOf(phrase);

to test the existence/offset of a substring.

To use patterns, this should work:

String longString = "this[that]the other* things";
String phrase = "[that]";
Pattern myPattern = Pattern.compile( "\\b" + Pattern.quote(phrase) + "\\b"));
Matcher m = myPattern.matcher(longString);
if (m.find()) {

But there's a little problem when using * and ? at the start or end of the phrase.

Those characters are treated like white space characters (not word characters) so if they appear at the beginning or end of a phrase, then to match the boundary they must include all the leading/trailing whitespace.

You may need to special case this by dropping the "\b" if the phrase has those characters at the start or end.

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