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I called a method from another controller using this

AnotherController oriCon = new AnotherController();
oriCon.ApproveOperation(formCollection, ref responseMsg);

Now, inside the ApproveOperation method, I called the session variable like this

int activeUser = (int)HttpContext.Session["user"];

But its giving me error; null value

I've asked before in forums.asp.net, someone told me to use


But I can't use that, there is no Current property in my HttpContext. Did I have no Current property because I'm using MVC 1.0 framework 3.5. Maybe the guy who answered me using MVC 2.0 framework 4.0?

Can anyone give me light on this?

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What do you mean "called a method from another controller"?

I don't think you should be doing that. If its a common function that is used by two different controllers then put it in a separate class and then use it. You should be able to access Session from all your controller.

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Hi.. Yes maybe I should just put it in a separated class then use it. But what if I want to return a view from that class? Use that class's view. –  strike_noir Feb 27 '11 at 10:41
You can use the return RedirectToAction() method provided by MVC to do the same. –  Baz1nga Feb 27 '11 at 10:45

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