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I created 3 versions of my Avatar:

process :resize_to_limit => [400, 400]  

   version :big_thumb do
     process :resize_to_limit => [80, 80]

   version :small_thumb do
     process :resize_to_limit => [50, 50]

I wrote a crop function to crop my original version, which works, but I can't seem to regenerate my 2 thumbnails based off of that newly cropped original version.

Any ideas?

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Sorry if this is not what you're looking for but, I took this from the carrierwave docs

Recreating versions

You might come to a situation where you want to retroactively change a version or add a new one. You can use the recreate_versions! method to recreate the versions from the base file. This uses a naive approach which will re-upload and process all versions.

instance = MyUploader.new

Or on a mounted uploader:

User.all.each do |user|
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