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I have this problem with a library. I want to add it to my Objective C (iOS) project, but their docs don't say how to do that. I simply copied it over. Now their main file has this:

#include <LIB/Class1.h>
#include <LIB/Class2.h>

It didn't work for me, so I changed each <> to "":

#include "LIB/Class1.h"
#include "LIB/Class2.h"

And with this syntax everything works fine, I can use the lib. I guess it's not a good practice, though. How should I add a library to a project so that it works without this modification?

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In Xcode Build Setting, Header Search Paths (HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS) affects search path of #include <foo.h>, User Header Search Paths (USER_HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS) affects search path of #include "foo.h".

So, set HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS for your library's header path, #include <LIB/Class1.h> should be work.

Also, Always Search User Paths (ALWAYS_SEARCH_USER_PATHS) setting can change behavior for search path #include <foo.h>. When ALWAYS_SEARCH_USER_PATHS is YES, #include <LIB/Class1.h> should be work as well.

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Thanks! I did what you said (HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS + ALWAYS_SEARCH_USER_PATHS) but I still had to add all the files into my project. Is it normal? – itarato Feb 27 '11 at 17:21
need not to add files into your project. How do you set HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS and how are your project path and library path? – Kazuki Sakamoto Feb 27 '11 at 20:59

Add path to the libpath... "" relative from source and <>relative from the external libs

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Objective-C uses a pre-processor based on C pre-processor.

Using #include <file.h> will make the preprocessor look for the file in the standards Objective-C libraries (such as <Foundation/Foundation.h>).

When you use #include "file.h", the preprocessor will search file.h in the same folder of the file that you wrote the include.

Also, consider reading the difference from #import and #include: What is the difference between #import and #include in Objective-C?

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