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I am modelling a time series with missing data.

Q1) However, I am not sure if I should use the next graphics to understand my data: a) ACF & PACF (original series) b) ACF (residual diagnostic)

Q2) I am using tsdiag, so I obtain a graphic with 3 plots: stand. residuals vs time; acf for residuals (Q1 b); Ljung-Box for residuals (it is wrong for residuals). I know that using Box.test with type Ljung-Box, I can specify a correct df to my estimated model (fitdf = p + q). So, I could do this test with different lags, evaluate their significance, and then plot it. However, in Box.test NA are not handled. But, it is possible to do a Ljung-Box test with missing data [Stoffer & Toloi, 1992. A note on the Ljung-Box-Pierce pormanteau statistic with missing data]. a) Do you know any function to do a Ljung-Box test with NA?

Q3) In general, what (other?) tools do you recommend to use for time series with missing data?

Q4) I had been using auto.arima and arima functions in R. But if you know that other software works better with TS with NA, please let me know.

Note: I don't want to do an interpolation.


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