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Today there are a lot of different guidelines and standards (internal and external) for coding. There are also some tools that enforce that coding guidelines.

I wonder if there are any languages helping to formulate coding guidelines that tools could make use of?

I imagine they should be language-specific and be based on other metalanguages such as Backus–Naur Form. So that the rule "goto statement not allowed" could be described as:

rule_goto_statement_not_allowed ::= statement_delimiter + "goto" + 
                                    statement_delimiter + label + ";"

rule_goto_statement_not_allowed_error_message ::= line + "goto not allowed!"
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PMD has a rule language based on an AST for this purpose.

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That's a nice example! I will look into it. –  Halst Feb 27 '11 at 17:55

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