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I have a MapActivity where you can switch between MapView (Google Maps) and OfflineMapView (my class, shows a map previously downloaded to SD card). When switching between maps I want to completely destroy and create the map views so that only one map view is in the memory. I want this for 2 reasons:

  1. My OfflineMapView takes most of available memory for caching tiles.
  2. Google MapView has some attached threads which I don't want running when OfflineMapView is visible.

I tried to remove the MapView from layout and null my reference to it but when I want to show it again I get an exception saying that MapActivity can have only one MapView.

EDIT: The presence of Google MapView (visibility is set to GONE) doesn't have any effect on OfflineMapView FPS. I didn't get any OutOfMemoryErrors either.

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Did you finish() the MapActivity? – CommonsWare Feb 27 '11 at 13:33
No. I have a map selector at the top of my Activity -… Users can choose between different offline maps and I want to implement Google MapView as one of the options. When Google Map gets selected, I want to destroy the offline map (OfflineMapView) and create Google MapView. By "destroy" I mean stop threads, clear bitmap cache and remove from layout. When user switches back to offline map, the Google MapView should be destroyed similarly. – fhucho Feb 27 '11 at 14:01
I edited my question with additional info. – fhucho Feb 27 '11 at 14:20

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Use ActivityGroup as your Activity class and have it start and stop sub-activities for each type of map. For example, to get the view for the Google Map:

Intent intent = new Intent(this, GoogleMapActivity.class);
Window window = getLocalActivityManager().startActivity("google-map", intent);
View googleMapView = window.getDecorView();

to destroy it:


and do the same with your offline map. This should completely stop the MapActivity and it's threads.

Note that I have found LocalActivityManager.destroyActivity() to be buggy, so I used LocalActivityManager().removeAllActivities() in the example since it does work for this case.

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