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I am using Drupal 7, I am trying to test phptemplate_menu_tree, I created a file named, template.php and add following:

// $Id: template.php,v 1.01 2011/2/24 12:47:27 dries Exp $

function phptemplate_menu_tree($variables) {
    return '<ul> <li> test </li> </ul>';

But it is not working.

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When something is not working, you should always explain what you mean by not working : do you get an error message ? is your function not called ? any information you can give might help us help you ;-) –  Pascal MARTIN Feb 27 '11 at 13:38

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It appears in drupal 7, they have dropped the engine_theme (phptemplate_menu_tree) hook. renaming the engine_theme hook to template-name_theme (mytemplate_menu_tree) hook make it worked.

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Have you updated the theme registry with devel.module or by resaving the form at admin/build/themes?

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what do you mean by resaving the form? –  Anees Haider Mar 1 '11 at 5:56
Well exactly that, save the theme configuration. But you are right, the problem is/was the phptemplate prefix. –  Berdir Mar 1 '11 at 7:00

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