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If I create a web application using a web framework that uses the GNU General Public License. Is it illegal to put ads on the website? As far as I understood, the most important thing with GNU GPL is to provide the source code to the user.

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Thanks for your quick replies – user636498 Feb 27 '11 at 14:35
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No, it isn't illegal, you can use ads.

The GPL is about software freedoms - about making the source of any changes available.

In fact, the GPL even explicitly allows to charge for the software - for example, for distribution. See the linked question and the several following it from the GNU GPL FAQ page.

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You don't even need to provide the source to the user. The most important rule is: If you distribute the software to someone, you should send them the source as well (or make it readily available). However, using it on your website is not considered distributing it to someone, so actually, it does not matter at all wheter you use gpl software or closed source software in this case.

(But please read the entire license. It is good to understand the limitations!)

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