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How do I send email on daily, weekly and monthly bases using c#.net?

I was thinking of creating a windows service application but I don't know how to do it and if it's the right way to take.

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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Do you really need to send email from .NET application? Other option: send from SQL Server Job. –  Alex Feb 27 '11 at 15:43

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A windows service is probably the best option.

In your service have a timer that fires with whatever resolution you need (every minute/hour/day etc) and on the timer tick even send your emails.

There are many tutorials for creating windows services with .NET.

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Isn't this over-engineering? What's wrong with the Windows Task Scheduler? –  Robert Jeppesen Feb 28 '11 at 12:26

A Windows service will do the trick. A good benefit of a Windows service is that it starts up when Windows starts up (or can be set to, anyway). So the machine can be left fairly unattended (as a good server should) and doesn't need anybody logged into it for the service to run. So if that's an important consideration for your scenario then perhaps a Windows service would be the way to go.

If you just want to create a console application instead (which can generally be easier to create/test/debug) then you can schedule it with the native Windows task scheduler. However, unless I'm mistaken, I think a user needs to be logged in to the machine in order for it to run. At least under certain circumstances. So a Windows service is probably your best bet for an unattended task.

As for creating the service, Visual Studio should have a project template for that. The scheduling would be handled with a Timer.

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You could also use the Windows Task Scheduler. Quartz.Net seems to be the right tool, too (never used it though).

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Windows Service is a good choice.

Remember to save state to disk (file or database) because service restart (for example, due to a reboot) is possible. For example, your next email delivery is a week in the future, you have to save that date to disk. So when your server is down due to a power failure 3 days later and recover after another day, your Windows Service can still set the right timer according to the date saved to disk.

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Create a console application, which would be launched from the Windows task scheduler. Creating a windows service is unnecessarily complex, IMO, since you are simply having the program execute in response to time intervals; not other unpredictable external events where you would need a 'listener' type application. KISS!

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