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I've got the following scripts:

  • "/folderA/bin/command.rb", which calls require 'some_library'
  • "/folderA/lib/some_library.rb"
  • "~/scripts/command.rb", which is a symbolic link to "/folderA/bin/command.rb"

When I run ruby ~/scripts/command.rb (calling the symbolic link) it works fine, but because of the symbolic link, __FILE__ is "~/scripts" and not "/folderA/bin/". My best idea to solve this path problem is the following:

$:.push File.dirname(Pathname.new(__FILE__).realpath) + '/../lib'

This solution looks really dirty. Is there a better way to organize this?

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i would suggest to create a self-containing gem of what is in /folderA and then use the code you need in ~/scripts from the gem (i.e. require 'folderA')

hope this help to find a cleaner solution.

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Thank you for your comment. It is so helpful advice for all kind of 'path problem' . –  Gyung-min Gil Feb 28 '11 at 16:18

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