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I have a c++ project having two src folders. Source file in folder 1 may need to include header file in src folder 2. Is it possible? or how should I write my Makefiles? thanks

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-I parameter to compiler lets you specify include paths. – Zimbabao Feb 27 '11 at 16:36
HI , i have a dir include and src which contains the header files and .c files respectively. I am getting error when i try to compile with -I option. gcc -c -I ./../include tree.c , as tree.c also include stack.h, it is not picking up stack.h – Abhishek Sagar Jan 7 at 18:05
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Depending on how closely the two folders are related (eg, if they're the same project), then it can be as easy as:

#include "../otherfolder/header.h"

If they're separate projects, then it's customary to simply add the other project's header directory to your project's header search path, and include the header like this:

#include <header.h>

(In practice, the brackets/quotes don't matter, but it helps keep external vs. internal header imports separate)

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Considering you have src1 and src2 folders in same folder. You have 2 solutions for this:

1 - #include "../src2/header.h"

2 - Add in your project at additional include directories src2 and use normal #include

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