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Is there a way to achieve this in HAML?

<h1>Lorem ip<span class="red">sum</span><span class="subtitle">dolor</span></h1>

I used this online tool conversor (http://html2haml.heroku.com/)

  Lorem ip
  %span.red sum
  %span.subtitle dolor

and render this in HTML:

  Lorem ip
  <span class='red'>sum</span>
  <span class='subtitle'>dolor</span>

I'm trying to remove the whitespace between ip and sum but I can't achieve it.


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generally you'd want to do this with inline styles, haml syntax is more ment for blocks. %h1 Lorem ip<span class="red">sum</span> –  Ryan Taylor Mar 20 '13 at 19:54

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With this:

  Lorem ip
  %span.red> sum
  %span.subtitle dolor

Output looks like this:

<h1>Lorem ip<span class="red">sum</span><span class="subtitle">dolor</span></h1>

HAML Whitespace Removal

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Thanks for this. How can I do the same in a haml helper : haml_tag :span do ... end? –  Augustin Riedinger Mar 24 at 13:46
My guess is you can't because :> flag isn't supported. See docs haml.info/docs/yardoc/Haml/… –  Heikki Mar 24 at 14:14
That's what I'm understanding now ... :( I can't even find a workaround to this ... –  Augustin Riedinger Mar 24 at 14:29

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