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I am looking for an alternative to Moodle.
I searched and found pinax-lms-demo, which was Django-based;
and Astra which was Rails-based, but both were empty repo...

I need a LMS which has the following functions:

  1. create class
  2. Assign faculty
  3. Upload materials
  4. Take quiz
  5. forum
  6. scorm
  7. chat

I spent more than a month using Moodle and being a developer I felt I should not use it...

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> I spent more than a month using Moodle and being a developer I felt I should not use it... Any particular reason for this? I am a developer and I have used Moodle a lot in the past when coming into contact with Educational Establishments - Moodle is pretty powerful with Plugins and Modules along with some CSS theming. – Matt Clements Feb 27 '11 at 20:56
Moodle has no framework,no mvc concept .Code is very difficult to manage. . – kracekumar Feb 28 '11 at 13:16
up vote 3 down vote accepted Check out this lms.

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Canvas LMS

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We had a look at canvas and I think it looks really well done. It's probably not something that we will end up using as it aligns tightly to a very structured learning approach. Still leaning towards Moodle at the moment given how flexibly it can be used in different learning contexts... – Damon Oehlman Jul 12 '11 at 3:52

Moodle seems the only more or less usable open source LMS out there, although it's far from well written IMO. There are good payed LMS like Canvas. I don't think what you are looking for exists at this moment!

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This is a real problem as open-source LMS are all in PHP, with the exception of Sakai which is in Java.

As I've written a LMS which tries to be compatible with SCORM I can say that it's not a small work to create a SCORM implementation.

The only project in Python I know is Cloud Course, created by Google on GAE (

You can also use Rustici's SCORM Cloud with Python (

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Cloud Course is not an LMS (yet). It only allows scheduling activities at the moment and doesn't have the features like lessons, quizzes, etc which all standard LMS should have. – paul_sns Mar 26 '11 at 1:53

I recommend Canvas-LMS by Instructure

Open Sourced Code with paid SaaS option:

As of June 15th: "adopted by 189 institutions (including names like Brown University, Auburn University and Wharton School of Business) and about 2.7 million users" from

I managed a Moodle project and we continually wrestled with any coding changes and overall found some of the UX counter intuitive.

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