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I'm using UJS in Rails 3 with the jQuery adapter and I wanted to dynamically load selectbox in a form for region/departments/cities selection for a shop editing form.

Here's what I did:

1 - in departments controller (this action is called from an observer of the region select list in javascripts/application.js)

def async_load
@departments = Region.find(params[:id]).departments

respond_to do |format|


2- in async_load.js.erb

<% if !@departments.empty? %>$("#shop_department_selection").html('<%= (escape_javascript(select("shop", "department_id", @departments.collect {|d| [d.name, d.id] }, {:include_blank => true}))).html_safe %>') ;$("#shop_department_selection_container").show () ;<% end %>

where #shop_department_selection is the DOM ID of a td element where I'll insert the generated select list

My problem is that the loading works well, but the dynamic selectbox doesn't pass any parameter (here it should be shop[department_id]) to the next action when I submit the form.

So can anyone help me finding what I missed ? (escaping or anything else ?)

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Use firebug to view the generated HTML, and let use see what HTML you are getting from the code –  macarthy Feb 27 '11 at 23:11
In the html from server that jQuery insert inside the td, all quotes are escaped like code<select id=\"shop[department_id]\">...</select>code due to the escape_javascript from server side, if I don't put this, there's nothing inserted by jQuery, in the final result when I inspect the elements, everythings seems ok, except nothing is passed as parameter when I submit the form –  user636827 Feb 28 '11 at 6:12

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