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I want to implement caching of a list pulled from the db. I've had a look at this:

How can I cache objects in ASP.NET MVC?

I have this in my code:

var addresses =  repository.GetAllAddresses();//returns IQueryable<string>

using the answer in the question above how can i cache this?, I have created the class CacheExtensions, but not sure where to go from there.

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Once you have the extension method it's a simple matter of using it (don't forget to bring the static class you have defined the GetOrStore method into scope by adding a using directive to the namespace containing it or you won't be able to see the GetOrStore<T> extension method):

IEnumerable<string> addresses = HttpRuntime
        () => repository.GetAllAddresses().ToArray()

Things to note:

  • We are using "addresses" as a cache key, so the result will be stored under this key.
  • We are calling .ToArray() on the IQueryable<string> in order to eagerly fetch the addresses and store the results into the cache and not the query.
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