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THis is a question I have been grappeling with for a while. I have an xml editing application which uses dynamically created custom controls (lookless). Essentially there are two main controls. SettingEditor, and AttributeEditor. A SettingEditor control can have multiple AttributeEditor and SettingEditor controls in it. How many is completely dynamic and is handled by code. I am useing heavy wpf binding and thus I am trying to use as little code as possible, which until now has been easily done. However I have a dillema. These contorls can expand and collapse like a treeview. When you click expand, using binding, an internal stack panel containing the internal Editors is set to Visible, when the control is collapsed this stack panel is set to Collapsed. THis works great and the controls are automatically sized with really no effort. Now however I would like to animate this change in size. I have no information as to what size the control is or will be only that it has changed.

Here are things I have tried:

1) On the controls I added a handler for the SizeChanged event and created a Animaton in Code that animated to the new size. However once I do this, the controls no longer size themselves based on content. If I were to continue with this approach I would have to manager the size of the controls in code which is not desired.

2) I tried to mess around with binding to an animation however I have nothing to bind too. The controls as I have said are created using Stackpanels. So when you make an internal stack panel visible the parent contorl automatically resizes to fit the new control. This goes the same for if I add internal controls on the fly. The parent control will automatically resize to fit the new content.

So does anyone know a way to do this? I was hoping there was a way to tell wpf that when the size changes, automaically created a animation of a specific duration to change the size.

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what language, platform, etc? – Muad'Dib Feb 27 '11 at 22:10

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