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I'm building requirejs plugins and loading them on my page. On my page, however, I'm setting a baseUrl value, so that I can just load plugins with paths like "tools/foo" instead of "/static/js/blah/tools/foo"

But now I want to allow plugins to load css files. I want to do this by adding a link to the header, rather than loading the css content with "text!foo.css". I'd also like not to have to specify a fully qualified path to the css file. Is there a way for me to pull up the baseUrl setting I set on the page from within a requirejs plugin so I can use that to help find my css files?

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The parentRequire argument to the load function has a parentRequire.toUrl() method that will resolve any path as if it was a module name, but with an extension. So:

var cssPath = parentRequire.toUrl('tools/foo.css');

would return a path like /static/js/blah/tools/foo.css.

It looks like I forgot to add that to the plugins doc page, I'll put in a task to get that documented.

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Thanks! BTW, I love what the requirejs inheritance pattern has done to my js code. Thanks for the great tool! –  chrispitzer Mar 3 '11 at 19:01

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