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I have a Rails 3 form, with data-remote => true.

The form field is handle, like a twitter handle. I want to add validation to ensure it's handle friendly, meaning, no spaces, or non-url friendly characters.

Where to start, do I build a customer validation for this?


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Looks like you want to use validates_format_of

class Product < ActiveRecord::Base
  validates_format_of :handle, :with => /\A[a-zA-Z]+\z/, :message => "Only letters allowed"

Change the regular expression pattern to match your needs. See the Rails Guides on validation for more information.

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Look into validates_each

validates_each :handle do |record,attribute,value|
    # your validation code here, and you can record.errors.add().
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In rails 3 the best practice will be using

validates :handle, :format => {:with => /\A[a-zA-Z]+\z/, :message => "Only letters allowed"}

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