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Is there a definitive list of commands anywhere that cause git gc --auto to run? The git-gc(1) man page simply states:


With this option, git gc checks whether any housekeeping is required; if not, it exits without performing any work. Some git commands run git gc --auto after performing operations that could create many loose objects.

(emphasis added)

I'm in the process of organising a large migration from SVN to Git. The overwhelming majority of users will be on Windows PCs, and a not-insignificant portion of them are non-technical. They will be using TortoiseGit (as it closely matches TortoiseSVN, which they are already familiar with) - I've noticed that TortoiseGit does not include any functionality to run git gc manually at all.

The non-technical staff cannot be expected to have to launch a "git bash" command line to run git gc --auto from the appropriate working dir; and as we are using the "portable" distribution of MsysGit they will not have the "Git GUI Here.." windows shell context menu shortcut.

Is it reasonable to expect that over time Git will mostly self-maintain, or do I need to try and work out a non-technical user friendly method of invoking git gc --auto?

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Note: git rebase will soon handle git gc --auto in a more sensible way: see stackoverflow.com/a/35033755/6309 – VonC Jan 27 at 9:46
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builtin/merge.c:            const char *argv_gc_auto[] = { "gc", "--auto", NULL };
builtin/receive-pack.c:     "gc", "--auto", "--quiet", NULL,
git-am.sh:                  git gc --auto
git-rebase--interactive.sh: git gc --auto &&
git-svn.perl:               command_noisy('gc', '--auto');

From git grep -- --auto on git.git, those results looked interesting. The notable one is builtin/merge.c meaning that the ever so common git pull should trigger a git gc --auto.

Additionally, unless your 'non-technical' staff is doing rather 'advanced' stuff (at which point they wouldn't be 'non-technical' anymore), I don't see why they would ever need to run git gc manually instead of just letting git gc --auto handle everything.

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Agreed: auto is for "automatic", i.e. the average user doesn't need to do anything. – Jefromi Feb 28 '11 at 6:48
I understand that --auto is supposed to be behind-the-scenes stuff, but was also curious if it gets invoked often enough that one can rely on --auto to perform gc. I've seen other questions asking things like "how often should I run git gc?", but couldn't work out if --auto got called often enough that users could essentially never need to think about manually running git gc. I'll mark this as accepted since it has the list of commands, thanks Arrowmaster. I'm still curious if people think --auto is good enough, or if users should still do manual git gc on occasion. – rejj Mar 1 '11 at 4:15

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