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I am trying to use jQuery to set the margin-left property for a CSS class.


Only one element on my page will ever have the class first_note.

I need to remove the first_note class from the element, and apply it to another element. The problem is when I do, the previous first_note still has the margin-left value of 50, and the new one doesn't.

It's because in that jQuery code I'm applying the css property to the element. What I actually need to do is change the property for the class itself. Is this possible with jQuery?

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You can use this plugin, or this one.

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@Ben, I think in this case I'd do it this way;

  1. Create a class called say Margin50.
  2. I'd then set the classes in jQuery accordingly.

So if you have your two elements, the first one uses removeClass for first_note and also the Margin50 and then apply first_note and Margin50 to the next element.

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Check out this link which talks about Class manipulation from script

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