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I am successfully connecting to the internet using an application called tether for a jailbroken iphone. (I know there's better options now).

My iphone is connected to my laptop's wifi "device network".

I have in my OS X network settings a location called iphone and the proxy is configured to use the correct IP and port for the phone.

I can browse the internet using Chrome over http and https perfectly.

iTerm cannot ping google. Git cannot pull. I've googled for days and don't see anything "easy" or that I understand. Any advice is appreciated.

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Command-line tools usually only support HTTP proxy. For providing a HTTP proxy out of a SOCKS one you have Privoxy. After you've set up Privoxy you have an HTTP proxy. In terminal usually saying export http_proxy=ip:port is enough for most applications. For Git specifically consult here.

But if that's too much for you, you can use sshuttle. It transparently transfers all your connections through a SOCKS proxy. That is, all the connections in your computer, and after that you don't have to change proxy settings for your GUI apps.

I use Homebrew as my package manager in Mac, and both Privoxy and sshuttle are available in it.

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