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I have used two frame in my web page... the below frame contain the validation of user for login information like username and password....

There is a button named "Login" which is attached with onClick event....

When I press Login button... the validation are done through Javascript and the new page also opened,,, but in the same frame in which the login button is placed...

so , the my problem is how to open a page in Parent frmae when i click on "Login" Button... i know this can be done through the hyperlink...but i want to apply on Button...

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This works, or parent.*frame_name*.location.href

<a href="#" onclick="parent.frames[i].location.href='whateverpageyoulike.html'">

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can you described more briefly ??? i have some doubt about it.. – hiren gamit Mar 1 '11 at 4:14

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