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table one

product  c  
sample_1    Line
sample_1    LLk
sample_1    LLk
sample_1    LLk
sample_1    LLk
sample_2    LLk
sample_3    LLk
sample_2    LLk
sample_3    LLk
sample_2    Line

Plus this table two

a    h        r 
LLk  sample_1  gw
LLk  sample_2  okp
LLk  sample_3  ijof
Line xe     rr3
LLk  sample_4  gr2
Line xx2       o3

Finally will be like this..

based on searching from table 2 where a=LLk

this is the table 3 which generated from table 1 and table 2

product  counts
sample_1    4
sample_2    1
sample_3    2
sample_4    0

the detail link for this question

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how sample_2 counts is 1?? i think count should b 2.. will u plz write the exact condition – diEcho Feb 28 '11 at 6:46

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This will give you the answer you are looking for

select h, count(t1.product) from t2 LEFT JOIN t1 ON t1.c=t2.a and t1.product=t2.h where t2.a='LLk' group by t2.h

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are you looking for something like this?

select product, count(a) 
from table_two 
inner join table_one on product=h and c=a
where a = 'LLk'
group by product
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Your solution will not return sample_4. – The Scrum Meister Mar 10 '11 at 2:58
whoops didn't see sample_4, it should just need a left join then, looks as though praveen already answered it – P4ul Mar 14 '11 at 21:09

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