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I have been working on a list for a while that helps me share the why of programming approach and thought as much as how to do something.

For this, I wanted to build a list of things that are:

  • best practice,
  • best thought,
  • best approach...

that help a programmer's ability to analyze, think, approach, solve and implement in the most effective way.

I have seen dozens of incredibly valuable comments in questions throughout Stack Overflow, but I couldn't find a place where we keep them together. There is the most controversial opinion on Stack Overflow. However, I'm just looking for sagely insights that can be shared and help my team, and I approach and solve problems better through better programming.

Hopefully this can be one place to gather the one or two liners that are concise, profound and easy to share, repeat, review. If we keep it to one rule per answer it might be easiest to vote up/down.

I'll start with the first.

DRY - Don't Repeat Yourself - In code, comments or documentation.

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People that know just a little about something (process/software) are the most dangerous people in the world.

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Write self-explanatory code (and then still document it), which includes

  • meaningful names avoiding abbreviations and especially consonant clusters
  • functions that are just introduced to make real code read like pseudo-code
  • keeping the level of abstraction constant inside one code unit etc. etc.
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Understand the intent of the SOLID principles (or any other set of principles or methodology).

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Strive to find solutions that require the least amount of code.

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Shouldn't your team already know these things?

It's a bit of a worry they need to be told what values they already know from past experience. It's a bit like running a courier company and telling your drivers to know they shouldn't have accidents. If they need to be told this because they didn't already know this - I would be seriously worried that they are the right choices for my team.

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