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I'm developing an NPAPI plugin for Mac OS X, and need an Open/Save dialog at various times. Accessing the window directly fails, since plugins are now run out-of-process... but Apple's documentation makes vague references to being able to launch dialogs and other things via provided APIs.

Can anyone shed light on how I might do something like launch an Open dialog, a modal sheet if possible? I was developing this as a WebKit Cocoa plugin for Safari but as of Mac OS X Lion they're now deprecated.

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You can't open a modal sheet, because you have no reference to the browser window; it's impossible to get one across processes.

You can open an open/save dialog as a modal dialog using standard calls like -[NSSavePanel runModal], since you don't need any window references for that. The browser will take care of managing the process activation so that the dialog ends up in front of the browser.

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Thanks for this, I'd missed runModal because I wasn't looking at the docs for NSSavePanel (which is the superclass of NSOpenPanel, oddly enough). I had tried beginWithCompletionHandler but it kept disappearing... the modal solution works. –  dxgriffiths Mar 1 '11 at 1:55

Since when is a WebKit plugin deprecated? Do you mean NPAPI plugins, they are definitely deprecated under 64-bit webkit apps (as I am struggling with this myself).

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WebKit Cocoa APIs are deprecated as of Safari 5.1 (WebKit2 / Mac OS X Lion). NPAPI plugins running in separate processes are now the only available option. –  dxgriffiths Mar 1 '11 at 2:16
"Do you mean NPAPI plugins, they are definitely deprecated under 64-bit webkit apps" <- This is absolutely not true. The only thing that has changed for WebKit in 64-bit is that it no longer supports the long-deprecated QuickDraw drawing model. NPAPI plugins using CoreGraphics or Core Animation are definitely not deprecated. –  smorgan Mar 1 '11 at 3:41
yeah, NPAPI plugins aren't in the slightest bit deprecated; they are still being actively developed. In fact, the open source framework FireBreath's (firebreath.org) userbase is growing surprisingly quickly -- and many are developing on Mac. NPAPI isn't going away anytime soon. –  taxilian Mar 1 '11 at 5:06

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