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I am trying to connect to some website using HTMLUnit library. A problem is that my HTMLUnit client do not accepts a cookie from that site with the following message:

WARNING: Cookie rejected: "[version: 0][name: remixchk][value: 5][domain:][path: /][expiry: Tue Feb 21 08:53:46 MSK 2012]". Illegal domain attribute "". Domain of origin: ""

This is because the login form is submitted to the address different from site address.

I need to change a cookie policy in my client. I know, that I should rewrite a getCookies method in CookieManager class. I have done this in a subclass of CookieManager and then changed the CookieManager of my client in this way:

webClient.setCookieManager(new mySubclassedCookieManager());

But this changes nothing. Moreover, when rejecting the cookie the getCookies method never runs.

Where I went wrong? How can I force HTMLUnit to accept that cookie?

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You should not change the client : you should change the design of your app. HTMLUnit does what any real browser would do in this case : reject the cookie. A web site may not set a cookie for another domain, for security (and privacy) reasons.

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JB Nizet, actually I log in to that site using any browser. So the problem is inside HTMLUnit. – KutaBeach Feb 28 '11 at 9:13

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