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 empid  empname  empDOB
  1      kiran    23-11-1987
  2      manu     25-4-1999

now i need to write 1 single query where empname and empDOB as single value

 empid Emp
  1    kiran,23-11-1987
  2    manu ,25-4-1999

i need the output like this

can anyone please tel me the syntax how to do it.

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You can concatenate the values together like this:

SELECT empid, ISNULL(empname, '') + ',' + ISNULL(empDOB, '') AS emp
FROM YourTable

If empDOB is a DATETIME field, you could do this which will format the date in the format you've given:

SELECT empid, ISNULL(empname, '') + ',' + ISNULL(CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), empDOB, 105), '') AS emp
FROM YourTable
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thanx adaThedev –  happysmile Mar 1 '11 at 7:53

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