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I'm trying to make a simple UDP client server example in PHP but I face an error.

This is the client :

$fp = stream_socket_client("udp://", $errno, $errstr);

if ($fp)
        fwrite($fp, "TEST 1 TEST 2 TEST 3");
        $buf = fgets($fp);

This is the server :

$socket = stream_socket_server("udp://", $errno, $errstr, STREAM_SERVER_BIND);
if ($socket)
  while ($conn = stream_socket_accept($socket)) {
    fwrite($conn, date("D M j H:i:s Y\r\n"));

All executions end with :

Warning: stream_socket_accept(): accept failed: Operation not supported 

Basically, this is the example given in all PHP documentations but I can't figure what is wrong in it. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Here is the warning on the very same page

This function should not be used with UDP server sockets. Instead, use stream_socket_recvfrom() and stream_socket_sendto().

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Good. With "stream_socket_recvfrom()" everything is OK ! –  Litre Feb 28 '11 at 10:51

according to the documentation: "you cannot make a silk piurse from a sow's ear"

stream_socket_connect is intended for STREAMS, not datagram packets. recvfrom would be more likely to work in this scenario.

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