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I create all the routes of my program manually and so do with my rspec tests of course. Generally, my routes and tests work fine, but i have a problem with the test for my characters controller. The route is :

  scope :path => '/characters', :controller => :characters do
    get '/' => :show, :as => 'user_character'

The /characters works fine when tested with my browser. Everything seems fine. But, the test :

require 'spec_helper'
require 'devise/test_helpers'

describe CharactersController do

    describe "when it GETS 'show'" do
        it "should render the template and be successful" do
            get :show
            response.should render_template(:show)
            response.should be_success


Fails with the error :

  1) CharactersController when it GETS 'show' should render the template and be successful
     Failure/Error: get :show
       No route matches {:controller=>"characters", :action=>"show"}
     # ./spec/controllers/characters_controller_spec.rb:9

All my controllers have similar tests that work fine. Why does this not work ?


Just saw that if i turn Spork off, the test passes ! Why is this happening ? Does Spork need to be restarted every time a new test is added ?

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You have to restart spork when changing routes.

Or put this in your spec_helper.rb:

Spork.each_run do

See also "Speedy Test Iterations for Rails 3 with Spork and Guard"

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