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First of all I want make clear that though I'm still learning CSS, I think I have fair understanding of it and especially liquid aspect of it and I also think that this is the way to go, however my question is about the graphic stage of web designing, so if I want to start a new project in Photoshop; what are the best page dimension should I use, keep in mind that I intend to use relative values when coding in CSS? and thanks in advance.

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I usually use 1300px x 2000px for the photoshop document. Then I "sketch" up the 960px width wrapper. From there I start the creative process.

Take a look at http://photoshopetiquette.com/ for some more tips on web design in photoshop.


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Most of the pages are being made to fit in 1024x768 (without a horizontal scroll) and the width of the page is about 950-980px. I can suggest you to start with 1200x1400 canvas in Photoshop and you can always resize it just go to Image -> Canvas Size

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